Medical debt is not a rare problem among the Americans. And it is a problem of not only the uninsured. Nobody has a universal and ideal solution here, but personal loans can help. If you have already tried to negotiate your debt with the hospital and you still need more options, below you will find […]

Medical bills are very often the source of people’s debts (and worries). Even more than a half of the debt on people’s credit reports are medical expenses. Lack of health insurance and sudden need for some serious treatment can really bury down our finances. What can be the solution here? For example, personal loans. Start […]

Fact no. 1: All people should have life insurance. Hence, Obamacare, which was supposed to provide insurance for all Americans, was created. Fact no.2: The result is that the middle class has gained nothing from this program (unless penalties for not being insured count). What can you do if you find it a bit difficult […]

Probably most of us understand how this whole life insurance idea works: you think in advance and pay regularly, so as to provide financial help for your family after your death. We also usually realize that it is worthwhile, since nobody has the ability to predict what can happen tomorrow. But there is yet another […]

The sad truth is that people die, and usually death comes unplanned and unexpected. If there is someone who will suffer after your death, it is definitely a good idea to take care of proper life insurance to provide funds for your family. This so called “death benefit” comes with financial help in case you […]