“I can’t afford health insurance!” – All right, here is what you’re going to do…

Fact no. 1: All people should have life insurance. Hence, Obamacare, which was supposed to provide insurance for all Americans, was created. Fact no.2: The result is that the middle class has gained nothing from this program (unless penalties for not being insured count). What can you do if you find it a bit difficult to survive on your current salary and life insurance is really far on your list of needs? You still have some options.

Find the cheapest plan or at least find coverage for your children

Remember that even the cheapest option is better here than having no insurance at all. If you can’t afford the whole family insurance, think at least of your children. Having coverage just for “catastrophes” is priceless. Such insurance will not cover everything, but it will provide help in case you have big health trouble.

Make a special insurance-dedicated cash flow

Part time job or a small business can be some of the ideas for additional cash. Apart from the obvious advantage which is being covered, you may also find it really successful in the future and have even more profit than you expected.

Look for a part time job with health insurance

Maybe you have not known that there are companies which offer insurance even to their part-time employees. This is a perfect option for those who do not have insurance in their main job or are not insured for other reasons.

How about Medicaid?

Medicaid has been developed thanks to Obamacare and around two thirds of those insured through exchanges chose Medicaid. Here you are qualified basing on your income (the numbers are quite low).

Think about Auto Insurance Medical Rider

Car accidents constitute one of the most frequent reason for medical treatment. That is why, if you can’t afford complex insurance, it would be a good idea to have at least medical rider.

Ask for non-prescription substitutes

No prescription drug coverage? Instead of paying lots of money for your prescribed medication ask the pharmacist for its non-prescription substitute (unless your doctor warned that you should not take any substitutes). These were often prescribed in the past. Such exchange can save you quite a big sum of money – compare prices $200 and $20, worth asking?

Visit Mini Clinics

These are cheaper options for those who need some routine doctor advice in the case of cold, flu or other minor illnesses. It is not an option for serious diseases and accidents, of course.

Avoid diseases and injuries

If you are not insured, it is even more important for you to take care of yourself and be really careful. Start with changing your lifestyle for a more healthy one. Then, remember about seatbelts and driving carefully. Apart from this, you should avoid risky activities which may end up with serious injuries (like extreme sports).

These are options for those who really have financial trouble and just can’t buy a proper insurance. If you can afford it, just buy it – it is really important. Remember that the Internet is a great source of specific information in this topic so get informed and avoid stresses and misunderstandings in the future.